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Why should you prefer e-Çalışan virtual offices?

  • You can reduce your high operating costs, and allocate your budget to grow your business.
  • You do not have to consider the details such as rent, invoices, secretary, stationary or accepting shipping deliveries.
  • Shared workspaces provide Networking, and you can have highly valuable contacts.
  • With membership packages that suit your work, you will pay convenient prices.
  • You can make sure that your customers are in full contact with you with our secretariat service.
  • We accept your shipping deliveries for you! Even if you are not at the office, each delivery is carefully recorded and stored.
  • Hold your meetings in our meticulously decorated meeting rooms, in one of the most prestigous districts of İstanbul.
There must be a better way to work…

While you grow your business, we offer you the workplaces at which you will maximize your potential.


Virtual office services may be a great way to start your business

Virtual offices offer the opportunity for people to work anywhere and anytime.

Lower operating costs

You do not have to bear high office costs, setting-up expenses or operation expenditures.

Higher efficiency

Only focus on your work, leave the rest to us.

Prestigious office address

Enjoy a prestigious office address at Suadiye, the most popular location on Bağdat Avenue, İstanbul.

Elegant and modern meeting rooms

Meeting rooms that meet all your needs by combining comfort, facility and functionality.

Get the office in your dreams without delay.

Join us and start growing your business in no time.

Started with the motto, “The business world is no more bounded by tiny rooms”, we said, “there must be a better way to work”, and now we are here with e-Çalışan innovative virtual office services we will offer to you in our prestigious office at Bağdat Avenue/Suadiye!

Our Services


Security 7/24

Unlimited tea/coffee

Meeting rooms

Daily cleaning

Easy access / close to subway

Post and shipping service


Friendly Faces


Prayer room

Fresh fruit treats



High-speed internet

Office setting-up services caring all your needs

We create the most suitable options for you combining aesthetics and comfort

Solutions specific for you and your corporate business, from your website to your operation, from the city and location, and decoration to whole infrastructure you need!